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Welcome to my Insanity

... the padded cell is quite comfy ;)

1 February 1984
Hum, what can I say? I'm an overly busy college student at the University of Alabama. I'm majoring in TCF minor in Theater. I dunno, if you want to know something ask I guess. I'm a DJ, I used to host a radio show with my lovely co-host Casey. Our show was called Double Shot: Double the Girls, Double the Metal, Double the Pleasure. I like alot of different types of music. Music is my life, sure it sounds cliche, but its true. According to Pandora.com I like music that has "hard rock roots, extensive vamping, a vocal-centric aesthetic, minor key tonality, dirty electric guitar solos, and a gravelly male vocallist". I'd say its not that far off. :) I play guitar, I sing, I'm also an actress and a dancer on top of being a DJ. I'm all over the entertainment field. ;) In all honesty though I think I'm happiest producing music for musicians though. Kinda weird, huh? Any way, check out the BLOG for anything and everything you'll need to know about getting in touch with me, our show, and what ever else I think you might need. Rock On! Check out my MySpace page for more (www.myspace.com/DJsuzy) And I guess that's it really. Ask if you wanna know anything else.