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So yeah...

I kinda forgot I had my LJ, and then, boom, the need to post hit. Sorry.

So I finally got to leave the bank for good. I hated that fucking job so much. Now I'm making MORE money at GameStop as Assistant Manager. It's fun, I like the job and the people. :) So that's nice.

Life is.... Well, it has it's ups and downs. But really, I think that goes for just about everyone, yeah? Yeah.

You know, when I started this post I had SO much more to say.... Now I can't think of it. Damn. Must be because it's so late. Oh well. <3 Just wanted to toss out an update while I was here.

Haha, I'm not dead...

Yeah, sorry for the long time-no talkey. Not like this update's really going to be informative anyway... It's just a crack update. I was bored.

The words "I was bored" have started off many a blog, I'm sure. Usually they're full of crap you don't really care about. ... Hey, at least you knew what you were getting yourself into, here.

15 Random Facts:
-Think up 15 random things that most people don't know about you. Share. Simple. (yeah, I got this from a friend. Turns out I'm really that bored.)

1) My favorite scar is the one I got playing Capture the Flag a couple of years ago. Nothing like a four inch scar under my elbow to remind me how much fun begin forcefully thrown into a tree can be. Yep, thrown into a tree. Kept playing for another 2 hours with it just bleeding and all. It was SO much fun, totally worth it.

2) After being called such on XBL for the past couple of months now, I find that I prefer "Grifs" to my real name. Sadly, I've also become more adept at answering to it as I will turn around to "Grifs" before I will to Suzy... It's sad really.

3) Getting tattoos is a turn on. I think I'm just a closet masochist here. I just kind of like the pain. Weird.

4) Of all the characters I RP with (other people's characters) I only know maybe 25% of their fandoms. Which seems kind of sad since they're coming from more popular series like Final Fantasy (never played it) and Gundam 00 (never watched/read it). I only know what I've seen from the RPs.

5) This is my favorite pic of Markypants (aka Mark Lynam):

I wish I looked better... But I think he's sexy when he gives his real smile, as seen here. He has a habit of giving out that "Oh shit, not another picture" smile a lot. I prefer the real one.

6) If I ever got stoned, I think I'd listen to Abby GoGo. (A local band in Tuscaloosa, kids I went to high school with). I bet they're ten times better that way.

7) Sometimes in Halo, when playing a custom game with Chicken and Red Rings, I let them kill me. Yeah, I don't really even try... just enough to make it look like I was. It's like a courtesy kill, I owe them for lots. Plus, it gives me something to whine about while letting them keep their manly bragging rights. Doesn't bother me in the least.

8) This is a really horrible one. I SWEAR I'm not as shallow as this is going to seem... It's just because of how I get treated around work... I ignore most of my coworkers because I feel I am more educated than them (which, sadly, is true... college degree and all vs GEDs and standard diplomas)... And I just don't like them, it kind of leads to the ignoring.

9) Everyone likes Maiden... Not me. It's sacrilege for a metal DJ (such as myself) not to be a Maiden fan. Sorry guys, I'm just not into them. Don't care for them at all, actually.

10) Trent Reznor's 43 years old... I'd still hit that. He's the one man I would NEVER say no to.

11) My sister is such a screw up that I almost don't think of her as part of the family. She's more like a parasite. I know that may sound so ridiculously harsh... but honestly, if you knew the situation, you'd feel the same way.

12) I don't think Jon's band will ever make it. He's a good friend of mine and talented guitarist... But DD's just not talented enough and I don't think any of them are truly into it. Sure its fun, but they don't have the drive needed to take them all the way.

13) I still think Krautdawg (German guy I used to work for as Business Manager of 90.7FM... And HE picked that name, not me.) is an idiot. I also know some fun facts about him that are pretty guarded. I get a lot of those type confessions. Too bad I'm still a good person and will probably never spill those facts out... Even though he certainly deserves it.

14) Sometimes I wish I could be more of an evil bitch and call people out on their bullshit. I'm just too fucking nice to do it... I hate being so nice.

15) I like being fought over and for. It's always a great day on Halo when I die and someone (normally Chicken) goes and kills half or all of their team for it. Or when people are being bitched in the pregame lobby and my friends step up for me. Love it.

There, 15 things you probably never knew about me and wouldn't have ever found out about otherwise. I'm still bored... so I'm going to go find something else to entertain me. *loves*
So, I'm going to app another character to Purg, I think. Yep. It'll be an Original Character based on the concept of Year Zero.... Yeah, the Nine Inch Nails album. I've already got most of his stuff mapped out and what not, I just have to put it in application format. And if you don't know the concept of Year Zero, it's pretty interesting. Check it out here and here. His name's Jack Dzire, he's a member of Art is Resistance group, a musician, and paranoid as hell.

Oh, yeah, and in other Purg news, Black's dead. White shot him the other night after a heated argument. Black said some sentimental things as he was dying, White instantly regretted it. White has his body, he's holding it till Black revives. Black will be back in action tonight-ish.

Washington- still fighting with Epsilon. Now Ashley (Grif's gf) thinks he's making Epsilon up to cover for being crazy.

Grif- He's loving the not-so-single life. Its so weird. Ashley and Grif's relationship is just the right amount of awkward.

Oh yeah, and everyone's experiencing the apocalypse. Yeah, we had a change in mods thus also a change in gods. To do this they brought in the apocalypse. Kinda neat.

So this is what I do. I work 40 useless hours a week, I RP, and I play Halo. I suck. What happened to the days when I used to be a rockstar? Damn it. I'm such a nerd.

Apr. 28th, 2008

I want to go home. :(
So I got that bank job. Customer Service and Book Keeping. Yup. Went out and bought about $350 worth of new, "serious", "adult" clothes. Honestly, I'm normally either dressed like a rock star or wearing dance pants and a tank top. Really, there was a good reason I had to go drop that chunk of change for the new wardrobe. But really, I hate dressing up all the time and it's not even been a full week yet. I'm SO bored at work too. Can't check anything online, can't play with my phone, pretty much it's just me... Sitting there. BLOWS. So I'm supposed to be answering phones. There are 4, yes FOUR of us for that. It's a local TX bank (Western National Bank) so really, not a ton going on. The system they use is ridiculously simple... For some reason though, everyone thinks I need it explained a million and one times. Honestly guys, I got this. There's also a lack of calls, I've noticed. Four phone people seems a little excessive. But whatever, I'm getting paid.  Today I sat with Liz, she's in her early 30s at the oldest, putting her the closest to my age in my department. But still, I'm like the freakin baby of the department. Everyone else had kids and all this... Me, I've got a dog. I'm still too young (in my mind any way) to have kids. Damn, I'm 24, I'm still selfish, I'm not spending all my time and money on babies. That's just crazy. But any way, Liz is awesome. Some people in the office don't like her. She's black. It's a race thing... Which sucks, because guess what. I'm the other minority. Yup, my department is almost all Hispanic. Tis ok though, I've made friends with most of them... Sadly, not the two girls I'll be sharing my cub area with, though. They're snotty and don't like many people at all. I'd be one they don't like. I don't care, as long as I get paid, I can ignore some bitches. Though... I kinda don't like the job already and I've only been there since Monday. I'm still looking for radio/TV work...

Enough of the job rant (they'll be plenty of those in the coming months, I'm sure). Halo-crack. Yeah, it's just that. Maybe it's because I was stupid bored all day, or maybe because I  have such a kick ass little sandwich when I play (EVERY TIME we group up Chicken is on top, I'm in the middle, and Red Rings is last name wise), but I thought about Halo a lot today. It's stress relief too. Had a bad day? Go kill some dudes, it'll make ya feel better. Well, works for me any way.

</a></b></a>apurgatorium, my multi-fandom RP that I'm in, is getting interesting. My Grif has found a girlfriend. Yeah, seriously, I thought it was weird too, but it rocks my face off. AND she's the one who kind of asked him out! "She" is Ashley M. Williams from the Mass Effect fandom. I've never really looked into Mass Effect, but this Ashley is one awesome lady. She joined the Red Team in Purg almost immediately thanks to Donut's guidance. And ever since then she's been kinda sweet on ol' Griffy-poo. Finally asked him out last weekend. ROCKED! Their first date's going to be logged tomorrow. Kinda excited about that... Also think I'm about to have Washington have a bit of an Epsilon freak out. He's been teetering, but I think it's time to give him a little push. That should be interesting. And Black... Man, Black is another story. White finally showed up. They've been beating the crap out of each other ever since (read: White's been handing Black's ass to him every time they meet up). I was actually surprised, though, at the support Black has. He joined up with Rufus ShinRa and the Turks of Final Fantasy about a month ago. Rufus came to Black right after he and White's first meeting and told Black he had the full support of the Turks, he could have an entourage if need be, but Rufus did not want White to damage his head of intel. Crazy. Of course, Black told him he could handle White on his own. Yeah, White-mun and I have big plans for these two... Oh and I finally dropped Skwisgaar and Psymon. Neither could really make friends, they were just drowning. And I feel bad since Skwis was my frist character in the RP. Damn.

General. Let's see... Um, I got RockBand for the 360. It's amazing. I haven't finished yet, but I'm close. Also got a little game called N+. Sometimes that game makes me feel stupid when I can't figure out the puzzle. But I play it any way because I feel like I accomplished something when I finish a level. It's like I need an "I r smrt kid" sticker after ever completion, I swear. Ok, not EVERY level, but most. Patric found my scrap book, FINALLY! Damn. I thought I'd never see it again. He also finally found Cassie and Michelle's cookbook that they made me. CAN NOT WAIT TO USE IT! Oh, yeah, and we bought furniture that should be delivered tomorrow. Bedroom set (Bed frame, mattress, two night stands, and chest of drawers) and livingroom stuffs (couch, really awesome swivel chair that looks like Brittany's big chair). Yeah, I'm pumped about that. And yeah, really, I think that's it. Ok, you're dismissed now. See you all next time... or in comments... Where

More Halo drable

Really, it's pretty much all I've been doing, playing Halo 3, for the past week and a half or so. Well, that's not entirely true. I did get called back for a second interview with the bank yesterday morning, then got the job offer that afternoon. I'm no longer unemployed. I start on Monday, 8am. I also spent last weekend back home in Alabama with the friends and family. So, really I guess Halo isn't ALL I've been doing. But regardless, this is a Halo-centric update. Something I just felt like throwing out there.

I'm a big music fan. Obliviously, by my first and preferred career choice, that's pretty evident. And while the ambient sound that comes with Halo is stunning and detailed, I prefer a musical soundtrack to go along with it. I thought I'd share my sound track with you guys for the fun of it. So if you ever play online with me and I seem distracted, I'm probably singing along or something. But the songs I picked for my soundtrack are songs that in some way motivate me for the game. Yeah, here's my playlist: (it's usually on random so they aren't really in any particular order.{some of the videos I linked to are kind of silly or cheesy. It's not so much for the video, its for the song})

So yeah, that's how nerdy I am. I have a Halo3 playlist. And I've shared it with you. Did it enrich your life in some way? Probably not. But hey, I'm all about sharing. Oh, and I have some fun pics to share too (mostly at Chicken's expense, sorry love). Apparently, I'm pretty good with the screen cap. function in Halo. I've gotten some damn good ones.

This is as close as Spartans will ever get to hugging. Awe.

And then I had to threaten his life.

He tried to jump me after that, but I beat his ass down.

Because Grifs is serious business.

Long journal, sorry guys.

Tell me that's not badass. You can't. Halo... it's an addiction. I sometimes didn't understand how my friends could WoW for so long and enjoy the same game so much... Yeah. I figured it out. Halo is my WoW. AND I've even made a buddy.

Meet EliteChicken420. He's the one not in the ninja suit (we're both blue because we were on the same team). Met him in Grifball and we've played teams every night since. SO much fun. He's hilarious. <3 But yeah, we're a good team and it makes the game ALOT more fun. He's good too:

That white stream, yeah that's a sniper shot he JUST missed by ducking. He had been jumping to scout for people coming to take our flag.

The HiDef pics that Halo kicks out are amazing. I mean the graphics, it's just absurdly good. And the way you can break the camera away and film/capture anything on the map, the way you can move it around the still people/scenery... It's amazing. Ah, Halo 3, you make me so visually happy.

Oh and if I didn't mention it before, RoosterTeeth has launched a NEW RvB! Yup, RvB: Reconstruction premiered the other night. They're using Halo3 and will have a new group of Spartans on the Valhalla map. It's the closest to Blood Gulch, so ya know. I'm EXCITED to say the least.

Jobs, Halo, Life, etc

So I had my first job interview today. Yeah, I've NEVER had one before, ever. I was so nervous. And its for a position I know NOTHING about. Naomi got me the interview, it's for a position at the bank. I'm sure its stuff I could learn, but still, currently I know nothing about it. I can't tell how the interview went. I guess we'll see in a couple of days though. Seriously, it was so nerve wrecking. Ridiculous.

I've been playing Halo online. Took me a while before I was ready to go online. I, ya know, doubted my skills... Turns out I can hold my own pretty well. You can even check out my fun stats here on Bungie.net. I like playing online for the most part. It's fun. Though I have run into a couple of those screaming 14 year olds in the matchmaking lobby. It's not super common, but it's true what people say. They do exist. Oh by the way, this is me... Well, this is Grifs Lynam:

She's hot. And most people thing I'm a "he" until they hear me over the headset. Dumb boys. They almost always seem miffed when they realize they got beat down by a girl. Hehe. Is it mean or sad that I get some weird joy when the boys are like "Damn Grifs, you totally kicked ass" and I say "Yeah, thanks" and their response is something similar to "Oh SHIT, you're a chick?!" Ahahaha. Seriously, happened more than once. I love it.... Oh and check it out, I got my super cool armor for collecting all the skulls in the campaign. Yup, I'm awesome.

Yesterday we got Mafia a kiddie pool. By "we" I mean me and James. "Uncle James" helped because he had a truck to put the pool in and the free time. Plus he luvs Mafia, so it's all good. She was SO happy about! Played in it for about an hour. Well jumping in and out, running around, jumping back in. It was great. I'll have to get pics and post them.

Well, that's about it I guess. Yeah. Hope everyone's doing well. <3
So I have several songs in the works currently, 2 Lynam songs, Chance and the Choir, and recently I got this bug to work with Stroke 9's song "Kick Some Ass". As soon as I heard it I thought "TUCKER!". Seriously, I can't hear it without thinking about him. So, Tucker's song, done. It was easier as it's not as quote/plot heavy as the other ones. Still, it's fun. ***Edit*** I've finished  one of the Lynam songs. It's added now! Enjoy! So take a listen... after this friendly disclaimer:

-Red vs Blue is property of Rooster Teeth

-"Kick Some Ass" belongs to Stroke 9

-"Disco King" belongs to Lynam

-I didn't "make" the songs or write the lines. I just cut them up, put them together, and mixed them.

-Hey, it's RvB, there's cursing. Deal with it, ya pussies.


Tucker wants to kick some ass.

Blue Team doesn't know what to think about Lynam

Mar. 24th, 2008

So, I'm sick. It blows. I hate being sick. Just a cold/congestion type thing it seems. Still, sucks balls.

Beat Halo3 today. I feel like I accomplished so much! lol. No really, it was exciting. <3 Completion is fun.

My RP kids are on hiatus currently because of the Xbox/sickness. Well, Black's been posting and responding, but he's been the only one. Everyone else is on full hiatus. *sigh* Lots going on in Purg. Craziness.

Yep, that's it. You're up to speed on my life now. <3 Later.